"...a way for me to meaningfully engage with what I love most."

I am an Atlanta native with a passion for people and this city. Working as a full time real estate agent gives me the opportunity to meaningfully engage with both of those passions, and help people invest in their communities.

As a REALTOR®, my role is to use my expertise to be your guide, advisor, and emotional support as we walk together on the journey of buying or selling your home. I’m well respected by other agents in the area who I’ve worked with over the years, and I utilize those relationships to help you accomplish your goals.

A little about me

My personal motto of “live where you play” has kept me in and around the City of Decatur for over a decade. The incredible number of first class restaurants and bars give my wife and me what feels like an almost endless choice of places to explore. Ask me where some of our favorite spots are to eat and enjoy a beer or cocktail.

Kelly and I have a Welsh Terrier named Walter who might just be the sweetest (but also most stubborn) dog we’ve ever met. He’s never met a stranger, and never left a person un-licked. Want to see a picture of him? Be careful what you ask for :)

I serve on the Lay Council of Trinity Anglican Mission and actively participate in our eastside parish located in Oakhurst. When not working, I enjoy traveling, discovering new pockets of the city, and crafting cocktails.

I’m truly excited to have the opportunity to walk with you on your journey of buying or selling your home, and am committed to providing you with the knowledge, resources, and service you deserve.