First Time Homebuyer Interviews - Matt and Melissa

Being a first time homebuyer is an experience unlike any other. Although there are valuable resources available to help prepare you for the adventure, who better to hear from than people who were just like you not too long ago?

Many of the people I work with are buying their first home, and each has their own unique experiences along the way.  After the sale is over and they have become homeowners for the first time, I ask each of them four simple questions to capture what buying a home was like for them. 

I will be regularly posting a short blog entry with answers to these questions in hopes they will give you a better idea of what to expect and how to prepare for your own unique home buying journey.

First up are Matt and Melissa who closed on their home in July 2015.


Robbie: What surprised you most about your experience?

M&M: The precariousness of the process. It's one thing to hear the phrase, "A deal can fall apart at any time," but it's another to live it.

Robbie: What was your favorite part?

M&M: It was exciting to find a house we fell in love with as soon as we walked in. The seller required that we waive the appraisal contingency in order to accept our offer, so learning our house appraised was one of the single best moments. Working with Robbie was great too, and not just because he's a fun guy. There is so much to worry about during the home buying process but who we hired as our real estate agent was never a concern.

Robbie: What was most frustrating?

M&M: All the waiting! Waiting to hear if the seller would accept our offer, waiting for the appraisal, waiting for the contractor the seller hired to do the agreed upon work on the house. They were still working on the house right up until the moment we closed.  So nerve-wracking!

Robbie: What one piece of advice would you give other first time buyers?

M&M: Start researching the housing market well before you think you are ready to buy and keep up with it. You'll have a much better idea of what you want when you are ready and you'll have the confidence to act fast, especially in a competitive situation.

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Robbie Harris

As a native Atlantan with a passion for this city and its people, real estate isn’t just a way to pay the bills, but a way for me to meaningfully engage with those passions. I don’t look at the market as a bunch of past and future transactions, but as an opportunity to help people invest in their communities. As a REALTOR®, my role is to use the expertise I've gained to be your guide, advisor, and emotional support as we walk together on the journey of buying or selling your home. In addition to the support you will receive from me, you'll also benefit from a team that has almost two decades of experience. With that amount of experience between the four us, you can trust we have seen it all, and are prepared to address any of the number of complexities that may arise.