First Time Homebuyer Interviews - Jay and Andrea

I recently interviewed Jay and Andrea about their experience as first time homebuyers. Unfortunately, their story started with an agent who didn’t have their best interest in mind, which created a hesitancy in them about using a real estate agent at all.

Understanding where they were coming from, it was important to me when we first met that they felt zero pressure to hire me as their agent. I’m a firm believer in earning the trust of my clients, so I set out to show them that I was on their team and was willing to move as fast or as slow as they liked.

Earning their trust was extremely rewarding for me, and working with Jay and Andrea was an absolute pleasure.

Robbie: What surprised you most about your experience?

J&A: We were very surprised at how emotional the whole process can be. It's easy to get wrapped up in a house, picturing your kids growing up there; and then it can be devastating and heartbreaking if it doesn't work out. We had to be intentional about taking a step back and considering all the angles.

Robbie: What was your favorite part?

J&A: The more houses we looked at, the more we could dwindle down what was important to us, and I really enjoyed seeing my husband's priorities (and mine, too) develop. It makes you feel closer to one another. When you do find the right house, you definitely know it's the best choice because of those priorities.

Robbie: What was most frustrating?

J&A: Before working with Robbie we worked with an agent that was manipulative. Generally speaking, we are trusting people, so we had to develop a "BS filter", so to speak, and try to recognize what was legit advice and what wasn't. That was really tough.

Robbie: What one piece of advice would you give other first time buyers?

J&A: This is connected with our first answer: try to be as unbiased with houses as possible. Make a list of top priorities and don't budge on them (especially price). If your priorities start to shift, that's OK, but be sure to look at all angles: price, location, schools, commute, what if in-laws need to stay with us?, etc. Go back to the list often and make sure you're hitting your most important ones.

If you would like to get in touch with me about starting the home buying process, or just have some general questions, click here for my contact information and I’ll be happy to help!


Robbie Harris

As a native Atlantan with a passion for this city and its people, real estate isn’t just a way to pay the bills, but a way for me to meaningfully engage with those passions. I don’t look at the market as a bunch of past and future transactions, but as an opportunity to help people invest in their communities. As a REALTOR®, my role is to use the expertise I've gained to be your guide, advisor, and emotional support as we walk together on the journey of buying or selling your home. In addition to the support you will receive from me, you'll also benefit from a team that has almost two decades of experience. With that amount of experience between the four us, you can trust we have seen it all, and are prepared to address any of the number of complexities that may arise.